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Stephanie Ferguson's custom designed boots have received raves in such national publications as Town and Country, Southern Living and Cowboys and Indians, and from fashion editors of the Denver Post and the Dallas Morning News. Watch for upcoming style articles in your favorite regional or national publication.

Best of American Book Makers Competition honors! 

Big Boots Invade Houston! Jay Leno Amused!!!

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Stephanie Ferguson's World of Custom-Made Boots

Bootmaker Stephanie Ferguson started her design career in Ohio making custom-made men's and women's sportswear, leatherwear, and evening wear. In 1987 her jacket, "The West," was one of the highlights of the annual "Focus: Fiber Show" on display at the Cleveland Museum of Art. It was also later displayed in the Ohio Designer Craftsmen's traveling show titled "Best of 1989."

During this time she also worked with Amishman Eli D. Miller of Mesopotamia, Ohio, first as his apprentice and then later in advanced specialties such as rebuilding and restoring antique side-saddles sent to him from around the country.

Stephanie learned bootmaking from veteran Texas bootmaker Jack Reed, after being inspired by Tyler Beard's The Cowboy Boot Book. She fine-tuned her skills while working with Bo Riddle, who was then in Nashville, TN. Her boot tops were chosen best Uppers at the 1995 Custom Boot & Shoemakers Guild Convention in Silverthorne, Colorado. In 1996 she was awarded Best of Show at the Mesa, Arizona CBSG Convention.

In 1997 she displayed her work in "Cowboy Boots: The Exhibition" at Houston Community College, "Sole of the West-A Westen Boot Exhibit" in Greeley, Colorado, and in "Steps in Time" at the Museum of Nebraska Art in Kearney. Interestingly, she was the only woman exhibitor in these shows.

In 1998 she studied Pedorthics at Oklahoma State University and received her national certification in that field.

That same year three pairs of her boots were included in "Cowboy Boots: The Sole of the West," the largest show to date on cowboy boots. The show was curated by Tyler Beard and on display at the Museum of the Horse in Ruidoso, N.M.

In 1999 Tyler Beard brought out his second cowboy boot book The Art of the Boot, featuring pictures by Jim Arndt. Ferguson's creations are among the work of three boot-making firms featured on the back cover and she is one of 26 individual bootmakers profiled in the book.

Since that time, pairs of her boots have been on display at the George Bush Presidential Museum in College Station, Texas and the Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave in Golden, Colorado. Her boots display at The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin and the Grace Museum in Abilene.

In 2004 Beard and Arndt published still another book, Cowboy Boots, which includes six pictures of boots designed by Ferguson.


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Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

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Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Copyright Stephanie Ferguson

Photo Description Price
  Classic boots, calf, kid, or kangaroo   Please call for price  
  Ostrich boots (full quill vamps)   Please call for price  
  Ostrich boots (smooth or few small quills)   Please call for price  
 1 Alligator Vamp Boot with Washington Redskins Logo   Please call for price  
 2 Calf Boot with Georgia Bulldogs logo   Please call for price  
 3 Elephant Vamp Longhorns and Butterflies   Please call for price  
 4 Full Alligator Boots with Yellow 3D Roses   Please call for price  
 5 Yellow Hummingbird Boots   Please call for price  
 6 Zuni "Rainbow Warrior" Boots   Please call for price  
 7 Classic Bluebirds   Please call for price  
 8 DAC "Gambler" Boots   Please call for price  
 9 "Lannie" Blue Alligator Vamps and Collars   Please call for price  
 10 "Bluebonnet" boots, smooth ostrich tops and smooth/quill vamps   Please call for price  
 11 Inlaid "St. Mark Lion” Boots with Alligator Vamps   Please call for price  
 12 "Oak" Boots, smooth and quill tops inlaid, full quill vamps   Please call for price  
 13 Brown Alligator Boots with columbine or vine stitching   Please call for price  
 14 Green "Ledger Horses" Boots   Please call for price  
 15 Ostrich "Owl" Purse   Please call for price  
 16 Ostrich Briefcase with shoulder strap and inlaid initial   Please call for price  
 17 Large Ostrich Bag, drawstring   Please call for price  
 18 Ostrich purse   Please call for price  
 18 Ostrich wallet   Please call for price  
 18 Ostrich small picture portfolio   Please call for price  
 19 Pegasus inlaid saddlebag   Please call for price  

Custom Boots Vs. Off the Shelf

Custom boots are designed to fit your particular feet. The process starts when the bootmaker measures each of your feet and calves at 9 specific points and discusses your preferences in heel height, heel shape, and toe style. The measurements usually take 25 minutes. As the customer, you are required to deposit three-quarters of the cost of the boots at the time you order your boots or leather goods. You are free to choose one of the designs shown above or develop a design with Stephanie that is specifically your own.

Your boots will customarily be completed in three to eight months after you make your order. Of course, for special occasions, Stephanie will try to accommodate a customer's special date, if at all possible.

The balance, including shipping costs, insurance, and any applicable taxes or duties will be due before the finished product is shipped to you.

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