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Stephanie's SF Fluid Harness

Stephanie's SF Fluid Harness, two views.

With the current shortage of 5 liter bags, the SF Fluid Harness was
created to assist with administration of necessary IV fluids.

Dr. Rob Franklin, a managing partner of FullBucket Animal Nutrition, produced a video showing the SF Fluid Harness being demonstrated by Drs. Foland, Qualls, Boyd and Lavie of Weatherford Equine Center, Weatherford, Texas.
Image courtesy Dr. Rob Franklin,

Drs. Foland, Qualls, Boyd and Lavie of Weatherford Equine Center (Weatherford, Texas) demonstrate the SF Fluid Harness in this still image from a video produced by Dr. Rob Franklin at FullBucket Health, Dennis, Texas. You can watch the video at, under the Articles section, "How To Deal With IV Fluid Shortages II".

Price for the 5 gallon SF Fluid Harness is $50.00 plus shipping.

Stephanie is now making harnesses for 3 gallon bottles.

Stephanie has now introduced a harness for 3 gallon bottles, and a new harness for 1 gallon bottles is coming soon. Call us for pricing on these smaller harnesses. Do you need a harness to fit an unusual size or shape? Contact Stephanie to discuss your custom requirements!

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